5" C4 - Truck Set - Raw - Carver Skateboards UK
5" C4 - Truck Set - Raw - Carver Skateboards UK

5" C4 - Truck Set - Raw

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Street and pool boards use smaller wheels, and flip tricks benefit from a tighter center of gravity, so these little rockers are lower and lighter, just like they need to be.

But unlike most little trucks, which tend to be stiff and unresponsive, our custom geometry gives you just the right amount of carve for a well-rounded riding experience.

Comes with:

2x 5" C4 trucks - Raw
8x mounting hardware

The Carver C4 is our classically proportioned lower profile truck for traditional street skating. Like all Carver products, it is the result of extensive research and testing. We took our favorite standard trucks and reverse-engineered them to understand what determined their performance characteristics. Isolating each angle and dimension, and using prototypes to prove our theories, we combined all of our favorite characteristics into one truck.

The result is a truck that turns smoothly but snaps back to center, so landing a trick feels solid. We also dropped the kingpin so it won’t hang up on grinds, and we added a generous amount of metal above the axle for extra long grind wear. We cast the bottom cup washer into the baseplate so it won’t get bent or hang up on rails.

We steepened the angle on the slider plate so you feel locked in on nose and tail slides. And in the end, we sculpted the cast parts so they are strong where they need to be and light where they can be, a perfect balance between function and classic form.

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